Quantities & Materials Takeoff Services

Our takeoff services include measuring, counting, and calculating quantities of any given building item in the designs. Our takeoffs are assessed by specialized civil engineers and tailored to the needs of each unique client. These takeoffs can be utilized for bidding, budgeting, or ordering purposes.


Quantity take-offs (QTO) are detailed measurements of the materials required to finish a building job. This procedure entails breaking down the materials into smaller, more manageable units that are easier to measure. The level of clarity necessary for measurement may vary. To determine these quantities, we examine drawings, specifications, and models.

We will additionally provide you with a comprehensive materials list that you can submit to your vendors or utilize on-site.


You can use us to find out the Total Quantities of your projects (we can provide the Total number of SF, LF, CY, SY, LBs, Meters, Thickness, Height, Width, Length, Depth, Area, Diameter, counts, etc.).

Proposal Writing & Contract Making

We prepare proposals based on project needs in order to submit a bid or tender to the appropriate party. Based on your requirements, a proposal can be trade-wise or for the complete scope. A contract for both parties can also be written. It contains a work summary, costing, exclusions and inclusions, payment terms, and notes.

Color Coded (Markups) Drawings

We provided color-coded drawings, commonly known as Markups, to make sure the accuracy of quantities and to allow you to check which sections are included and which are not. It is only for the advantage of client satisfaction in terms of takeoff accuracy.

Projects Signing

We double-check the work once the project is signed to ensure that all areas/trades are included based on the drawings provided. If there is any amendment needed, we will assist you in preparing the modification order, among other things.

Design Services

We have experienced designers to work alongside us in your team. They are AutoCAD specialists who can prepare your design in 2D and 3D. Plans, elevations, sections, and models can all be created by us.
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